Lenoir Fire Department promotes three up the ranks

Lenoir Fire Department promotes three up the ranks

Lenoir Fire Department Chief Ken Briscoe promoted three staff up the ranks Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018. The promotions were the result of the recent retirement of Battalion Chief Jimmy Farr, who served 29 years with the department.

Captain Scott Powell was promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief. Powell has been with the department since Feb. 2, 1996. He served as a Captain since Feb. 4, 2013. He has previously held the ranks of 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, and Captain.


Lieutenant Chris Jacobs was promoted to the rank of Captain. Jacobs served in the department since Sept. 28, 2001. He has been a Lieutenant since Feb. 4, 2013.

Keith Owens was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Owens has served in the department since Oct. 19, 2004. This will be his first assignment as an Officer for this department.

“I am proud of these three individuals,” Deputy Chief Ken Hair said. “They have excelled in their previous positions and their assessment process for their promotions. I know that they each will do a wonderful job in their new positions and be a great asset to the Fire Department and the City of Lenoir.”

The promotions were based on the department’s internal Assessment Center conducted by Fire Chief Ken Briscoe, Deputy Chief Ken Hair and the Battalion Chiefs. Candidates must pass a written exam, and complete an interview and practical scenario. The highest total score establishes the ranking for each position.


The mission of Lenoir Fire Department is to provide public safety in the form of Fire Prevention, Fire Protection, Rescue Services and Emergency Medical Care.  We will constantly strive to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Lenoir.
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