On Tuesday, April, 17th 2021 SBA administrator Isabel Guzman announced the roll out of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund:

Today, we are starting the process to help restaurants and bars across the country devastated by the pandemic, and this is our message: #HelpIsHere.

With the launch of the #RestaurantRevitalizationFund, we’re prioritizing funding to the hardest-hit small businesses – irreplaceable gathering places in our neighborhoods and communities that need a lifeline now to get back on their feet.

And, thanks to clear directives from Congress, we’re rolling out this program to make sure that these businesses can meet payroll, purchase supplies, and get what they need in place to transition to today’s #COVID-restricted marketplace.

We’re also focused on ensuring that the program’s application process is streamlined and free of burdensome, bureaucratic hurdles – while still maintaining robust oversight.

Under my leadership, U.S. Small Business Administration aims to be as entrepreneurial as the entrepreneurs we serve – and that means meeting every small business where they are, and giving them the support they need to recover, rebuild and thrive. Learn more: https://www.sba.gov/restaurants

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